I Lost My Body (2019)

Not the usual film review because I Lost My Body (2019) is not the usual film.

Animated – different.

French – a bit different.

Main character a severed hand – very different.

Have I lost you already? That’s as I felt when briefly reading of what we were about to watch. Early on, I didn’t feel much differently but I Lost My Body gradually crept up on me; gathered me in.

Rather like the character of the hand, it pursued relentlessly through a story that seemingly had two completely different plots with a bit of background story explaining one of them. The two eventually co-joined and became enjoyable, worthy.


However, it was a bit of a slog; a journey of endurance rather than enjoyment.

Nauofel lives with his parents but through tragedy is sent to his non-communicating uncle and cousin-brother-fellow boarder (?). He falls in love with a voice on an apartment intercom, Gabrielle, and begins a pursuit, verging on stalking. He begins work in her uncle Gigi’s carpentry workshop and meets the niece face-to-face. Potential love ensues.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Paris, a severed hand escapes from a dissection laboratory and begins a journey across the city towards an unknown quest.

It is the difference between the two stories that probably made the love story a bit standard? While the adventures of the hand are many and intricate, the relationship between Nauofel and Gabrielle is pedestrian.

Eventually, the hand finds Nauofel and the stories mesh.


I Lost My Body is a tale of loss and attempt at rediscovery. The hand is looking for the wrist to which it used to be very close; Nauofel is looking for love – the reasons explained in the background scenes.

Many club members saw some really deep meaning in I Lost My Body but Prue blew me away with her assessment. By leaping onto the crane at film’s end, Nauofel was leaping to a new life on his own. No need for Gabrielle; no need for the hand. I love that assessment.

Some trivial background which goes nowhere towards explaining this film:

-Co-screenwriter Guillaume Laurant also co-wrote the screenplay for the delightfully, whimsical Amelie (2001), which starred real people

-In the English version, Dev Patel plays Nauofel (thanks to Bill)

-In the French version, Gabrielle is played by Victoria du Bois. She played Chiara, the teenage, female love interest in the beautiful Call Me By Your Name (2017)

I Lost My Body won the Critics’ Prize at Cannes, the first animated film to do so.

-TV references were made to Thing from The Addams Family (1964-66) but I preferred to recall the Martin Landau character Rollin Hand from the original Mission Impossible 1966-73).

Score: 3

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