Lucky Liam

It is all about timing 29 August 2006

There’ll be those who say you make your own luck; others may say ‘the harder I work the luckier I get’ and the late Keith Nixon once put in a nutshell those people who cannot take a trick.

Nix, a former bookie at Ascot and a bloke who loved gambling, looked across at a client named ‘Ginger Rock’. The Rock had hit a bad patch and Keith merely said: ‘When you’re gone, you’re gone’ only he didn’t say ‘gone.’

Luck does play a major part in life.

I give you Liam Bartlett.

About 10 weeks ago, Liam, in his gig on 6PR Mornings, railed into Chris Connolly and the hapless Fremantle Dockers, who he supports.

He called for Connolly’s sacking, wanted the blokes who gave Connolly an extension of his contract brought to book and generally bad mouthed his team.


And who could blame him? They stunk on ice.

The roast was so bad that the following week when Geoff Hutcheson took over Liam’s old job doing the morning talkback show for ABC, his first guest was Connolly, who was eager to become a regular participant and not give Liam the time of day

Fast forward to last Monday. Fremantle win their eighth game in a row, the latest against the AFL Premiership favourites and their most hated rivals – West Coast Eagles.

They don’t win, they thrash them by 57 points.

Fremantle, $151 at the completion of Round 13, are now $4.25 equal second favourites for the flag. Bookmakers don’t price competitors $151 unless they have almost no chance of success so this is a major turnaround.


Where is Liam? Probably in first class flying to Monaco to interview Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for 60 Minutes.

Liam’s not on radio any more. Can you imagine what the Dockers fans would have done to him on talkback last Monday (or indeed a few of the previous weeks)?

It would have been unbearable radio as halfwits and others called in to give him a serve.

Now that’s luck!

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