What is news anyway?

No time to find something to write on 2 August 2006

This site has suffered the equivalent of a man who plays golf twice a week during his working life but can’t find time to play after he retires.

Two weeks holiday spent overcoming flu, taking children to Yallingup, spending some time in Brisbane and trying to sort out years of personal income tax provided no time for adding to my beefs about the world.

Back at work since yesterday, rebuked by a friend for adding nothing new to the blog in more than a fortnight and here I am – stuck in the middle with you.


Strangely though I have nothing to get too excited about.

Israel pursuing the Hezbollah in Lebanon may start a world war. It may also be confined to the Israelis v The Rest, which if it goes past extra time to a penalty shootout, my money’s on the guys in white and blue.

West Coast put interest back into the AFL with a thrashing of ladder runaways Adelaide. Big matches produce big players. Enter Daniel Kerr, whose best efforts are often in finals or games his team must win.

Jamie won Big Brother. I know this because I live in Perth and Jamie is from Perth so he’s getting plenty of press. Is his name Jamie?

The WA plod is getting ignored by the State Labor Government in their pay request. Do we care that they get paid less than railway transit guards? Apparently not. Certainly Police Minister John Kobelke doesn’t think so. He left early negotiations to underlings, flicked it to the Industrial Relations Commission and headed for the USA on holiday.

He needs it. No one in the Labor Ministry has more hats.


Mel Gibson asked some Californian copper if he was a four-b’two and has landed in a lot of hot borsch, continuing a trend that media personalities commenting on world events get more publicity than world leaders commenting on world events.

At G8, George W muttered to Tony Blair about giving some guy in Syria a call and asking him what’s going on with respect to Israel and it was picked up by a microphone they didn’t know was on. Got a bit of coverage but not nearly as much as Mel’s getting for his anti-semitic comments.

Hell, Condy could call Olmert an untrustworthy Shylock at a press conference and not get as much media pressure as Mad Max is getting.

Australia flew the Lebanese with dual citizenship home safely and then copped a razz for it. People even protested in Perth! That’s what prospective interest rate rises do to us.

Today the interest rate went up another quarter of one percent so that’s given Kim Beazley some ammo to use against the PM. We had the Howard-Costello leadership conundrum put to bed and now interest rates are back on the agenda.

Labor will say Liberal has broken a promise. Liberal will say they just handle the economy better than Labor. The elite will call Howard a liar again….and the punters will keep voting Liberal.

It’s all a game and it’s on again tomorrow.

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