Sorry Brogan said sorry

Violence is wrong but this bloke asked for it 7 June 2006

Why should Port Power’s Dean Brogan have apologised for bloodying some abusive fellow’s nose.

Brogan committed the alleged assault while walking through an airport with Port Power team mates.

Sportsmen and women have to cop a lot of abuse when they are competing but walking through a shop, restaurant or an airport should not be considered exposure enough for copping a gob full from some moron who barracks for another team or simply does not like you.


Brogan said he initially copped the abuse but, when it continued, he smacked the bloke in the nose and broke it. He then walked on, leaving the other fellow bleeding.

Violence is not one of my bags but you get your right whack if you go looking for trouble – as this fan obviously did.

The fan has since said he was joking and was only telling Brogan he should play for a real team, presumably the Adelaide Crows. In that case, he must consider the word dickhead he directed at Brogan not defamatory, insulting or hurtful.

A mate of mine was enjoying one of West Coast’s grand final wins (1992, 1994) against Geelong in Melbourne when Cats’ forward Billy Brownless walked through the lobby of the Southern Cross Hotel.

‘Good on yer, Billy!my friend called out. How did you and your mob go today?’

Understandably, Brownless was feeling a bit down having been a member of the losing team. The tall, heavily-built forward ran across the lobby, grabbed my man by the lapels and held him up against the wall looking at him eye to eye.

Whatd you say?

Er, nothingwas the reply and Brownless put him down.

My friend was suitably put back in his place and Brownless had retained his honour.

Sometimes, turning the other cheek is just too hard to do.

The man who insulted Brogan probably didn’t deserve a broken nose but calling a big guy a dickhead just because he doesn’t play for your team is pretty silly.

It deserved a response. He got it.

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