$12m for 12 juveniles

Where is the value in Labor’s Geraldton plan? 2 June 2006

Wasn’t it a beauty that Margaret Quirk put out the other day?

Marg wants to build a $12 million juvenile remand centre in Geraldton to cater for offenders who can’t make bail and don’t want to be too far from home.

Not a bad idea. Saves transport time to Rangeview in Perth, gives the families of these juveniles a chance to visit them while they’re inside and all the other feel good measures taken to protect the kind of young person who has stolen someone’s car and wrecked it or broken into another person’s house and knocked off their dvd player and any spare cash.

Shame is, the joint will house 12 individuals.


Have you done the sums: $12m divided by 12 juveniles? Even kids doing OBE maths could probably work it out – that’s a mill for every juvenile spending a night.

Has the Labor Government completely lost its senses? How can you budget $12m to build something for 12 people at a time?

That amount of money would buy about eight blocks of flats in Geraldton – you know the rectangular shaped 60s monstrosities that look like a motel. Buy a 14-room block of units for about $1.5m or a small motel for a bit more, build a fence around it and put the little villains in there rather than build them flash new premises.

World population is aging. If you are going to build something luxurious for $12m build it for the aged – the kind of men and women who fought for their country and made it safe for my generation to enjoy. Let these wonderful Australians enjoy something worth $12m.

No. These Labor imbeciles want to build something wonderful for juvenile thieves and vandals who steal and break things. Somewhere nice for their possibly dysfunctional family members to come and visit.

Isn’t this the complete antithesis of what justice is about? These juveniles may come from a poor home life and poor home conditions. So what do you do? Reward them for breaking the law by putting them somewhere much more glamorous, cleaner and tidier than any place they have ever lived?

What about Dad coming to visit with the younger brothers and sisters?

“Jesus, have a look at this kids. Andy’s done it well hasn’t he? Nice room Andy. Is that your dvd player or do you have to leave that behind when you go to court in Perth? See, kids that’s why I let you go out all night even though the oldest of you is only 10. Knock off a servo and get caught and you could end up in a room like Andy’s got here.”

It’s a disgrace.

The Labor Party and their politically correct bureaucrats want to look after all the wrong people.

By all means, buy some existing property to be a juvenile remand centre in Geraldton. If you can’t buy an existing old building and give it a quick clean and a paint, build one .

But $12m?

For goodness sake Margaret, think about it.

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