Does The Shadow know?

Certainly not the Shadow Ministers           18 January 2006

BACKGROUND: This piece pondered the resignation of Geoff Gallop as Premier of WA.


What evil lurks in the hearts of the men and women of the WA Labor Government?

Does The Shadow know?

The boss leaves suddenly and the glue comes unstuck.

Judy Edwards goes 24 hours later*. Could she have memories of having worked before under Jim McGinty’s leadership? ‘Never again!’ said the pixie.

And where’s Bob? The former copper, who reckons he got fitted up in the Alinta shares scandal, will be wanting to make a comeback.

Bob got sent down for something he reckons he didn’t do. Like the criminals he used to arrest, Kucera reckons he was fitted up.

He has as much chance of getting back into the ministry as the Mickelberg brothers have of getting financial compensation from the incumbent government.

Yet the spectre of Jim McGinty rises again. He and Bob share a grandchild, he’s gone to bat for him before and may again arrogantly push him forward.

In that case, Peter and Ray should start planning the home extensions and overseas trips.

So what is going on?  Is there a scandal?

Dr Geoff went with the clear indication of depression. He looked stressed at the press conference to announce his resignation.

He is a good bloke, well liked and respected but has his reason for departure bought immunity from criticism?

What if the stress was caused by a scandal?  Something the CCC may unearth in time?

(Good luck! The Mickelberg scenario probably holds true here. The CCC haven’t got a Crimestopper line so they’ve as much chance of busting someone important as Pete and Ray have of getting their payout).

Was Dr Edwards the cause of the scandal? Did Geoff Gallop protect her and finally couldn’t keep up the pretence?

Gallop resigned amid sympathetic tributes, Edwards resigned 24 hours later, flying a Stealth and escaping somewhat beneath the radar created by the Premier’s departure.

Conspiracy theorists lurk. Someone out there must know the truth.

*Minister Edwards announced her resignation on 17 January 2006 but served as Minister for Environment until 3 February 2006 when Alan Carpenter became Premier.    

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